Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Witch of Portobello- Paulo Coelho

Hi all.
After reading some of Paulo Coelho books, one doesnt have to think twice"whether to buy a new one or not?" You are bound to experience new and exciting world through his writings.
I was told it was the latest in the market, and i felt great buying it. This is a biography of a character- written in a very different way. Paulo himself says that he researched biographies before writing this one, but later thought to write in a different manner. He has given a first hand experience of different people about their relations, their feelings, their interactions and about their opinions about Athena- the witch of Portobello. The story of Athena, right from the time she was chosen from an orphanage till she gets killed, is described by all her acquaintances in a very interesting, subtle and pictorial manner. Her people include her foster mother, her own mother, her lover, and than husband, the priest of the church, her landlord, her teacher, and than a journalist friend.
Its true that genes of a person have a much greater influence than the environment. Athena, the daughter of a gipsy women, gets the best of English environment, but the influence of her genes is visible throughout. A bright and intelligent beautiful girl, makes an impulsive decision to leave studies and marry her lover and bear his son. Later, the couple start tasting the difficulties of life, leaving them to get divorced. Athena gets acquainted with different people at her changed residence and place of job. She, seeking a deeper meaning of her life discovers the power and influence of dance, where she finds solace. She impresses many others to join her. Athena, involved in the bringing up of her son, gets involved in rejuvenation of the soul, where in she is joined by many. During these sessions, she is visited by a witch/ ghost who tells people about their future. She becomes popular and attracts media as well as church attention.
Somewhere, during the process of taking up this journey of Athena, we are told that in some situations, (when there is anxiety)the soul leaves the body and body ceases to act at all- you are in no position to do anything, to make any decision- especially if the soul moves hell- but if the soul moves to heaven- its a bliss.... And there are also many other instances where Athena discusses the meaning of life with her people . This makes the readers to think deep and find a meaning of their life too.
Its a biography of a character(living or fiction) written in a very unique and interesting manner by this great author.
Another one, worth investing in. I am sure all will enjoy reading it.

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